Celebrating 105 years Since Kawasaki Began Manufacturing Hele-Shaw

Type Radial Piston Pumps and 64 years Since The birth of The Staffa Motor

It is now just over 105 years since Kawasaki began manufacturing Hele-Shaw type radial piston pumps, and 64 years since the birth of the Staffa Motor.Way back in 1916, Kawasaki started to manufacture the innovative Hele-Shaw type radial piston pumps which were only the second product on the globe designed for use with hydraulic oil.

Kawasaki now is the leader in hydraulics manufacturing, despite only having developed the first pump.

George Hally, a former Hercules radial engine designer, created the first hydraulic radial piston motor. It was called “Staffa” Motor in 1957. Since then, over 500,000 Staffa motors were sold. Many of these motors are still in service today, after thousands of hours.

Originally designed and manufactured to operate in the harsh environment of coal mines, the Staffa motor was quickly discovered to be a tough and reliable motor and it soon became extremely popular wherever a reliable direct-drive solution was needed. Kawasaki Precision Machinery engineers refined and improved the motor’s design over the years until you have the product that you have today.

Modern techniques like finite element analysis and advanced materials and coatings as well as state-of the-art testing facilities allow us to push the boundaries of this unique motor family.

Kawasaki Staffa Motors are made in Plymouth, UK. Kawasaki continues investing millions in the most advanced production technology. This has enabled them to continually improve their manufacturing processes, maintaining the world-leading quality and reliability of Kawasaki Staffa Motors that our industry demands.

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