Different Sat Phone Handsets

Did you know Intelsat built the primary satellite network infrastructure in 1965? Satellite phone rely on a network of satellites that are either Geostationary (fixed above the Equator) 0r in Low Earth Orbit (500 – 1000 miles above the earth). Traditionally, sat phones were used by government agencies, rescue organizations, shippers, energy companies, and public safety agencies.

Increased purchasing by private individuals has led to various companies arising to craft and advance the devices. Privately owned satellite phones are an insurance policy against losing communication with the world, especially in the maritime and aviation companies.

Iridium Satellite Network

Iridium handsets are small and are in their fourth-generation design. It is available in varying devices, such as the Iridium 9555 handset and Iridium 9575 extreme. Iridium offers a genuinely reliable network across the globe. The devices provide significant communication issues in remote geographic areas.

Iridium provides imperative communication even when you are in blocked mountains. Its constellation satellite flies overhead at different intervals. Iridium handsets cover the network perfectly at the North and South pole.

The handsets are more expensive compared to other models. They integrate panic alerts, WIFI, Bluetooth capabilities, and GPS location tracking and transmission. Iridium can work even with the antennas retracted.

Inmarsat Sat phone

The network can be termed mature as it has been in operation for about thirty years. The constellation of its geostationary satellite orbits at 23,000 miles from earth. With this network, once the connection is established, it is stable.

It is the least expensive satellite phone available. It features a less esthetically sophisticated design.


The network is still in the process of updating its constellation to second-generation satellites. It offers a less reliable connection network. They offer low-priced airtime rates.


Various satellite models are available to suit diverse needs. Satellite phones are crucial in making communications when cellular networks run low on coverage.

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