How often should I do my swimming sessions?

Swimming is a complete sport that uses all the muscles in your body while preserving your joints. To practice it, it is essential to be in shape or to start gently to avoid becoming discouraged from the first session and to avoid exhaustion. Find out how often to swim according to your goal.

Swimming to lose weight

Many doctors recommend swimming to help with weight loss. Be aware, however, that weight loss will be long term. Your body will gradually slim down, you will gain muscle mass and lose fat. If you are returning to exercise after a long period of inactivity, start slowly. Start with 2 sessions of 20 minutes per week. Do not try to complete the greatest number of lengths but rather to hold on for the duration. The more comfortable you will feel, the more you can increase the duration of the sessions. Once you are able to swim 45 minutes, then increase to 3 sessions per week. You will gradually realize that your skin is firmer and your body more toned. Do not try to swim 45 minutes from the first sessions if you are not used to the risk of getting discouraged very quickly.

Swimming to improve your endurance

Swimming is the sport par excellence for gaining endurance. Many athletes also practice swimming in addition to another sport to improve their breath. The ideal is to swim 2 to 3 times a week at a rate of 45 minutes minimum per session. Try to swim the maximum lengths without stopping and do not hesitate to do technical exercises to improve your breath. For example in front crawl, swim every 5 or 7 times instead of the traditional 3. If you practice running or cycling, do not hesitate to replace them in winter with swimming sessions so as not to lose performance. Swimming has the advantage of being able to be practiced whatever the weather conditions.

Swim to quit smoking

Swimming is sometimes used to help quit smoking. Indeed, while swimming and lifeguard requirements, you quickly realize that you are short of breath and that you are struggling to swim a length without being out of breath. Even if the first sessions are difficult, you will quickly gain in breathing capacity. In addition, after swimming for 45 minutes several times a week, you will quickly lose the desire to clog your lungs when leaving the pool.

Avoid fogging my swimming goggles

Fogging of swimming goggles is a problem encountered by all swimmers, regardless of their level. Even if almost all glasses have an anti-fog treatment, it loses its effectiveness with time and uses. Fortunately, there are alternatives to this treatment that prevent fogging from setting in. Find out what they are and how effective they are.

Anti-fog spray

When the anti-fog treatment on your swimming goggles is no longer effective, it may be worth investing in the purchase of an anti-fog spray. You will find it in sports shops or on the internet without any problem. Count around 6 euros per bottle. Small in size, it fits easily in your pool bag in addition to your equipment to go swimming. It aims to replace the anti-fog treatment on your glasses and prevents you from changing too often. Depending on the brand you choose, the spray will be more or less effective. To get the most out of it, it’s important to use it well.

100% effective?

The anti-fog spray is applied to the inside of the lenses of your swimming goggles. First of all, remember to degrease your glasses with a drop of dishwashing liquid and let dry well. Then spray the product and let it dry again. Then rinse your glasses without touching them with your fingers to remove the excess product and protect your eyes from any risk of irritation. While some swimmers are convinced of the effectiveness of anti-fog spray, others are more reluctant to apply a chemical so close to their eyes. Some swimmers also deplore the fact that the product is effective shortly and that flaw reapply often. VS’ is up to you to test and make up your own mind. Yes, the anti-fog spray does not appeal to you, there are other alternatives.

The other methods

To prevent the appearance of fogging, there are more natural and economical ways than anti-fog spray. Dishwashing liquid has proven itself as well as toothpaste. The method that is unanimous is still the use of saliva. Many swimmers spit into their swimming goggles to prevent fogging. It seems that the method is infallible and what is more, without risk for the eyes! Whether it’s dish soap, toothpaste, or saliva, it’s important to apply them to dry glasses for them to be effective.

Another problem is often encountered during swimming sessions: water in the goggles. Discover all our tips to prevent water from entering your glasses.

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