How to Choose the Best Waste Transportation Company

When handling waste, it’s your duty and care (and also a legal must) to dispose of it in the right way. Otherwise, you could cause a hazard to people and the environment, landing on in deep legal waters. But if you’re not a waste disposal expert, it’s difficult to know where to start or how to find the help you need.

Don’t worry, we can help! Keep reading for our guide on how to choose a waste transportation company to get the job done right.

Where Are They Located?

Where you’re located will likely dictate which waste transport you can choose from. Many waste transportation services will offer regional coverage. To narrow down your search, stay local and look for firms in your area.

If your business has many different locations, look for companies that can cover them all. Using one waste transportation company will streamline the process. It’s easier to manage one point of contact than a long list of different firms.

This is something you should bear in mind if you’re looking to expand your business. As you grow, you want to try to stick with the same waste transport firm and grow their service with you.

Can They Work With Your Timeframes?

Before looking for a waste transportation service, think about how often you need it. Are you producing enough waste to collect once a week, or do you need it more/less than this?

Once you know your needs, check your potential companies to see if they can meet your timeframes. Another thing to check is if they offer ad-hoc or one-off collections if you have more waste than usual. This will keep you covered if you have a busier period of waste generation.

What Types of Waste Do They Handle?

Think about the types of waste your business is producing. Does any of it need specialized collection, treatment, and disposal? Is it hazardous? Is there potential for recycling?

Whatever type of waste you’re making, check the companies you consider can handle it. They must handle your specific waste needs, and keep you compliant with legislation.

You can make this easier by considering companies that will handle all your waste types. This way, you’re not juggling different companies, trying to coordinate your collection days.

Are They Reliable?

Because of the importance of proper waste disposal, you need a waste company you can trust. They should be prompt, reliable, and professional at all times.

Overflowing bins that stink the place up aren’t ideal. Not only that, they can present a major health and safety issue. If your provider keeps missing collections, you’ll be in trouble with the waste build-up.

Look for companies known for their reliability and a record for getting the job done on time like HCI. You can find out more here at: It’s a good idea to ask around your business contacts to see who they use and if they recommend anyone.

Do They Have the Right Environmental credentials?

Before you hire anyone, make sure you understand where your waste will go and how it’s treated. Make sure they’re following state and federal laws when it comes to treatment and disposal. You’ll need to get proof of credentials that a good waste company should have.

These credentials won’t all be legal requirements. But what they do is show they’re dedicated to the environment and proper waste disposal. A waste disposal business should be able to prove they use best-practice methods for each job they do.

Do You Understand the Contract Terms?

Before you sign any contracts, sit down and go through all the terms. Yes, we know this is tedious and not the most fun way to spend an evening, but you’ll thank us for it.

If you’re not sure about anything, check it over with your legal team. You must understand what you’re agreeing to. This is anything from contract length, to how much you pay.

Otherwise, you might get stung for extra fees along the way. While everything will be above board with a reputable firm, it pays to do your due diligence.

What Are Their Reviews and Testimonials Like?

Speaking of due diligence, make sure you look up reviews of any company you’re considering. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to start if you’re stuck or a simple Google search.

Any reputable waste disposal service will have recommendations. When you ask for them (as you should), they should be willing to hand you the details. If there are more bad reviews than good, or they won’t give you references, walk away.

Is Their Price Acceptable?

Of course, one of the biggest considerations your business will make is the price of a service. This applies to waste disposal too, so ask for quotes from your narrowed-down list of options.

Not only quotes but ask them to give an itemized breakdown alongside it. You must know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for. This should also include any extra fees that might crop up.

It’s not easy to compare quotes with waste disposal though. It depends on your type of waste, and each company will offer different services. A like-for-like comparison isn’t always possible. But you can compare the value you’re getting for the price.

Are They Open to Questions?

It’s likely that if you’re looking for a waste disposal company, this isn’t your area of expertise. You’re entitled to ask questions about the process and to learn more.

Some great questions to ask include:

  • Are they using a fleet of modern trucks?
  • Does the company offer training and skill improvement to its employees?
  • What qualifications do their employees have?
  • Where will your waste go and what is the disposal process?
  • Will the service scale with my business?
  • Are they registered on the Environment Agency?

If the representative isn’t willing to answer your questions this is a red flag. Any good waste disposal company has nothing to hide and will take pride in the job they do.

Choosing Waste Transportation Made Easy

So, there you have it! With our waste transportation guide, you’re on your way to the right waste transportation for you.

You need to work out how much and what type of waste you produce as the first step. This way, you know how regular your waste disposal company has to collect. Next, try to find a local company that will handle all your needs and always do your checks before hiring.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out our other blog posts for more tips and tricks.

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