How To Style Different Glasses For Different Occasions?

Our glasses are important in our day-to-day lives. Where they give us better vision, protect our delicate eyes from bad light, they also serve a different purpose (and kind of an important one). They are extremely fashionable and help us look our best on every occasion. 

However, some of us struggle to find the right type of eyewear to style ourselves with on different events. Have you ever worn the same pair to a wedding that you wear on a normal day at the office? Most people do that. Just like you won’t wear the same pair of shoes to every event, you should give similar consideration to glasses. 

Glasses for a street style look

Street style is all about comfort and keeping up with the trends. While you are taking the help of your denim jeans and a white t-shirt to show off your comfy sense of style, don’t forget to finish your look with square glasses or something more quirky such as geometric frames. 

If you have a rather hipster sense of fashion, complement your look with thick black glasses. You may even choose unique patterns and designs on your glasses if you can pull off the look. 

At a wedding 

Wedding is one of those life’s delicate moments that call for special outfits and accessories. What could be a better choice than a pair of translucent frames? They are subtle, classy and a bit different from your everyday glasses. You may either go for clear frames or glasses with a faint tint to project understated elegance. Clear glasses are the right pick for a subtle and elegant look to make the event even more special. Whether you wear prescription or non-prescription glasses, adding a transparent frame to your wardrobe will get you ready for these delicate, once in a lifetime moments. 

For a daytime event

Daytime occasions are perfect to flaunt your colourful frames and let the colour pop in the daylight. Since summer is just around the corner, glasses in cool pink, soothing blues and cocoa brown are the best shades you can try. For a more ‘out there’ look, go for a white cat-eye frame with a matte finish. For men, glasses in thin metal or titanium bodies make for a subtle and suave look. However, if you are going to drive, make sure that your colourful specs have an anti-reflective coating. 

Professional edge

When it comes to glasses for the office, sticking to basic styles always help. Also, going for neutral tones that blend perfectly with all your office attires is a way to choose glasses for a stylish office look. Rectangular frames are perfect for a conventional office look that speaks of your professionalism. 

However, if you want a style that is both chic and professional, try browline glasses for men and women. It gives more room to styling and goes perfectly well with your smart casuals. 

For business meetings, you may choose to sport a rimless style. Rimless glasses are sophisticated and help to instil trust in your clients. While the unobtrusive appeal of the frame makes you come across as a true professional, the frameless glasses are so easy to style as well. 

For an evening party

Are you off to an evening party? Embellished glasses may help upgrade your look. Go for oversized glasses with embellished frame front or temples to let them shine in the dim light of the sun. You may either dial down on your outfit and let your glasses be the hero of your look or you can choose to wear your most stylish outfit with a decent frame. 

Go for embellished cat-eye glasses for women with a sharp upswept top bar for an edgy look. If you are going to wear a short dress, contrast the girly vibe with thick and bold square frames. Men may choose to wear tortoiseshell glasses that are sophisticated, classy and stylish.

For a road trip

First things first, when driving you need to be able to see the road ahead clearly. So, to block the UV rays and dial down on glare, always wear glasses with polarised lenses. Now talking about the right style for a road trip, how about classic aviators? They are perfect for a confident and smart look. Aviators project authority and control – something you can use when you are driving. 

For casual outings

Hit the right combination of fashion and smart with half-rim frames and keep it simple and cool on a casual day out. Thin metal glasses in black are perfect as they with every outfit and occasion. For a more eye-catchy look, you may as well embrace aviator glasses in accents of gold on the brow bar and temples. Mix it with black and you will steal the show wherever you go.

Choosing the right pair of glasses can be a little tricky. All you need is a little bit of understanding of the event to know how to style yourself. But remember, that the style and design of glasses should not compromise the quality. No matter if you order online glasses or buy them from a local eyewear shop, double-check the quality to make sure that your vision won’t b paying for fashion. 

Author bio: I’m Jaylin: Guest post service planner of Leelija and full time blogger. Favourite things include my camera, traveling, caring for my fitness, food, and my fashion.

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