iPhone Repair Options During the Pandemic

The pandemic has hit us hard in every aspect of our life. With a major number of store shutdowns and suspension of certain services, the difficulty has risen for many of us. Now, in this difficult time if your iPhone needs a repair then you may feel really out of options, right?

But wait! Fret not. There’s good news for you. Amid the pandemic as well the staple repair services for customers are open. Also, you can get iPhone repair parts wholesale price and replace it with some DIY repair technique.

Below we have listed some of the repair options that you can choose from. Continue to read till the end to learn all about them.

1.    Getting it shipped to Apple Store

If you have an iPhone then you must have a year long warranty period that covers hardware repair coverage. Check the warranty and see if it covers the damage that your iPhone has suffered.

However, if you have AppleCare+ then it extends your warranty period for two years and offers a prompt 24×7 tech support. The repair protection price varies as per the device you own. Even though the prices start from $99 for iPhone SE.

To learn about your warranty coverage and other details related to it you can go to Apple’s support page and sign in. follow the next steps and you can check all essential details about warranty coverage.

2.   Getting it fixed at local repair shop

Even with all the stores closing down, there are many local repair shops where you can drop your damaged iPhone for repair. Search for a local shop that can get things solved. The repair mechanic will run the device diagnostic and see if there are any flaws other than the damage that occurred to your iPhone.

An expert repair mechanic will work through the damage and do the needful. Whether you need new iPhone part replacement or any other updates, an expert will perform efficiently to fix it.

However, due to the pandemic situation, availability of shops is limited. You need to search thoroughly in order to find a repair shop in your local area.

3.   DIY repair

Last option that you can choose for repairing your damaged iPhone is to go for DIY repair. If you know your way around tech and gadgets then you can choose this option. With this decision you’ll save a lot of bucks and won’t even have to go out of your house.

However, choose this option only when the damage isn’t too much. For instance, cracked screen or loose button. Make sure to shop for authentic replacement parts from aniPhone repair parts wholesaledistributor.

Also, go through some iPhone repair tutorials online and see how you can successfully perform the task of repairing your iPhone. Take your time and do the DIY repair at the convenience of your home.


So, what are you waiting for? These are some of the options that you can choose when you have a damaged iPhone at your possession. Make sure not to delay the process of repair and immediately choose any one of the options listed above.

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