The Most Useful PoE Uniques

Here are the PoE uniques worth spending Exalted Orbs or other PoE currency on. Help your build as you level up, or just for general use. Have fun playing Path of Exile!

For general use

There are many unique items in Path of Exile. Some uniques have a specialized use, and others fail to fit in any PoE build. However, these PoE uniques can somehow fit in any build. At the very least, they can help as you progress through the game, filling in for missing equipment. You don’t even need Exalted Orbs or other PoE currency to make them better!

Here are the most generally useful PoE uniques.

Tabula Rasa

While it provides no stat boosts nor has any modifiers, it always has six colorless linked sockets upon obtaining it. That means you can get your Path of Exile builds main skill supported by 5 gems as soon as you get it. It doesn’t have a level requirement either, so that’s possible as early as level 1!

The armor gets outperformed by higher-level gear with correct color sockets, though. Still, it’s a good item to use while leveling. Get it by farming exchanging 9 Humility Divination Cards. You can farm the cards from the Aqueduct (Act 4) or Blood Aqueduct (Act 9). It is also a prophecy reward from the prophecy ‘Cleanser of Sins’.


This belt is one of the most sought-after unique items. With its ability to give the user a rare monster’s modifiers upon defeat, clearing maps becomes a breeze. From Heists and Blighted maps to Harbinger encounters and Delirium maps, nothing can stand in your way with the Headhunter.

Since it’s a League-specific unique item, it can only drop from maps with the ‘Nemesis’ flag active. There are a few alternative methods to get it, but those methods have to have the corresponding league mod.

Bottled Faith

Upon use, it creates a Consecrated Ground with triple the radius of a normal one. It also gives a 40% increased damage bonus plus another 7-10% within the radius of the flask’s AoE. Then it also gives a 1-2% Critical Hit chance inside its area of influence. Duration of the Consecrated Ground can reach up to 6 seconds, with a 30-50% variable bonus.

Many PoE builds can benefit from this flask. Healing aside, increasing the spell damage enemies take and increasing Critical Hit Chance on top of that makes it a powerful flask. Only the boss from the rare Cortex Relic Chambers Map drops it. You can also get it by exchanging 6 Succor of the Sinless Divination Cards from Baran, the Crusader.

Shavronne’s Wrappings

True to its form as body armor equipment, it protects the player with a hefty chunk of Energy Shield. The armor provides a flat bonus of 286-351 Energy Shield, plus a 100-150% bonus. It also has a unique modifier that won’t let Chaos Damage bypass that shield. That makes it great for any Path of Exile build that uses Life as fuel or ones that require the use of Pain Attunement. Spellcasters can enjoy a 10% spell bonus as well.

Get the armor by exchanging 8 The Offering Divination Cards. Farm the cards from Shavronne and her variants, Bazur, Gisale (Thought Thief), and Prodigy of Darkness.

Parting Words

Of course, with the countless PoE unique items there are in-game, there could be more generally useful items unmentioned. These are just the most popular ones, especially Headhunter. You’ll need many Exalted Orbs or other PoE currency just to get one through trading. Otherwise, it’ll take a lot of effort on your part, and it’s not even a guarantee you’ll get it.

At any rate, these particular items can help you through leveling a new PoE build or for general use. Enjoy Path of Exile!

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