What is an Adhesive Tape Converter?

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Most people don’t use an entire roll of adhesive tape at one time and prefer to use individual pieces of tape to attach materials. This is where problems can arise, as you will need to cut the pieces of the tape that you require. It can be difficult because everyone knows someone who has to wrap many gifts.

An Adhesive Tape Converter takes large pieces of tape (long and wide) from the manufacturer and cuts them into smaller sizes. It can also laminate it with other materials and shape it into the desired size or configuration.

Why is an Adhesive Tape Converter so important in the supply chain? Because adhesive tape manufacturers don’t want to have to supply complex shapes to customers in small quantities, they want to sell large volumes of tape in rolls. This simply becomes un-economical for them The Adhesive Tape Converter adds considerable value to the adhesive tape supply chain by supplying tape such as Acrylic Foam Tapes in the right size and shape to suit their exact needs, often in smaller quantities but to a larger customer base.

Use shaped adhesive tape parts with specialized releases liners to make it easier to peel off sheets or rolls and apply the tape without leaving sticky fingerprints or dirt on the adhesive face. This will ensure that the tape sticks better to whatever material it is being applied to. Preston Technical, a tape converter based in Lancashire, can supply tape in any shape or size that the customer requires. They have a wide range of machines that can convert tape. This process can also be used in the conversion of Masking Tape

Today, traditional methods of fixing things like riveting, welding, and screws are being replaced by high-performance adhesive tapes (such a VHB TAPEModern manufacturing design and production processes include ). Why?

Adhesive tape joints can be made faster, which decreases production cycle times and costs. This is especially important in transport such as aviation, where weight reduction is an important consideration.

The area where the die-cut tape is most effective is when they allow for automated and robotic applications to be used when manufacturing components. This provides significant cost and quality savings to clients. Companies like Preston Technical have a wealth of expertise in assessing manufacturing production lines and can find ways to remove bottlenecks or long assembly cycle times using die-cut adhesive tape instead of the traditional production methods – this is what a high-quality adhesive Tape Converter should be able to provide to the customer.

This is how the Adhesive Tape Converter works and what it can do for your business.

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